In its very definition, photography is the act of producing images through the action and interaction of light on a sensitized surface. This observable, scientifically dissected particle-ray hybrid, this entity is what drives Owen DeValk in his photography. Born in Richmond, Virginia, his upbringing was a fantastically average, suburban life inspiring hours of daydreaming and imagination, both giving his work in digital photography an ethereal essence. By attending and graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Owen has sharpened a specific style inspired by the combined worlds of fashion and fine art, producing a unique, professional aesthetic.

Having interned with Bruce Weber in New York during 2014, Owen’s eyes have opened to the many different forms and directions fashion photography can take. Inevitably influenced by Bruce’s work, Owen has since been trained in all medium/large format film practices and development and continues to study the possibility of shooting fashion with film. Recently, he received the Gold Award of the Hermes Creative Awards and resumes his exploration of the realms of light, darkness and the intangible bond they share.